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Get Glam

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Makeup Artist Kendall Swenson

Get the Glam Edition

As a makeup artist, I have spent years testing the best cosmetics and refining my techniques. I share all of the best and newest makeup tips in The Glam Edition. Whether you are a makeup beginner or a makeup addict, you definitely want to stay in the know.

Create Your Makeup Capsule Wardrobe

Um, what the heck is a “makeup capsule wardrobe”?

Well, my dear, it is quite simply the best way to revise and energize your morning makeup routine. Back the basics… you want to edit your makeup drawer and build your essential makeup collection? I can help with that!

Hire Professional Makeup Services

I teach people how to apply makeup through private makeup lessons and group makeup parties. I also offer professional makeup services for a wide range of photo shoots and special events. Click below to view my portfolio and get more information.