The Best Eyebrow Pencil for Blondes Is…

Are you trying to find the best eyebrow pencil for blondes? I have been there. As both a makeup artist as well as a blonde myself, I have tried many different eyebrow pencils over the years. I have had much trouble finding an eyebrow pencil for blondes that is a good color match for blonde hair.


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Many eyebrow pencils do not match blonde hair color well at all. Often, the colors created are all wrong for blonde hair. The brow pencils are either too dark or the tone is too ashy, which can make blonde eyebrows end up looking grey.


So today I am going to show you my favorite eyebrow pencil for blondes… Maybelline Define-A-Brow Pencil.  Define-a-Brow comes in two colors for blondes, Light Blonde and Dark Blonde.


The tones of the brow pencil are nice and warm and look very natural when applied. I recommend Light Blonde for platinum shades and Dark Blonde for most other blonde hair types.

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I prefer fine tip eyebrow pencils as compared to traditional wood pencils because of the precision they give. The fine tip of the pencil is so small that it  whisks on the skin easier, and the strokes more closely resemble actual wisps of hair.


Just make sure to roll the tip up only enough for each use. Automatic pencils are more fragile because of their fine tips. This causes them to break easily and you can end  up replacing them more often.

I also like the fact that this pencil has a comb on the other end of the pencil tip.  The comb can be used to blend in the color once applied, and saves you the step of grabbing a makeup brush to do so.


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But back to my favorite eyebrow pencil! This pencil is very long wearing and is advertised as waterproof. Since I am not a fan of submerging my head under water, I have not tested the waterproof claim. But, I can say that it is very long wearing. It does last longer throughout the day compared to many other eyebrow pencils that I have tried.


Lastly, the price point for the brow pencil can’t be beat. Fine point brow pencils are fantastic, but you do end up having to replace them more often. To find a drugstore brand for an item you will need to replace more often is key. I give it a Glamour Grade A.


I still do recommend using a little brow powder or eye shadow to really set eyebrow pencils. To learn why and for more makeup tips on filling in your brows, check out How to Fill in Eyebrows where I go into more detail. And don’t forget to download your FREE video of my Two Angle Eyebrow Technique below!


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