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I want to give a shout out today to my new favorite concealer. I have tried many, and I consider this to be the best under eye concealer. If you are wondering what kind of concealer to use, then I have a great makeup tip for you!


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For the delicate skin under the eye area, it’s important to choose wisely when selecting a concealer. The skin of the under eye area is thinner and more translucent. It’s tempting to cover dark circles with thicker cream concealers, but we run into a few problems with doing that.


The Best Under Eye Concealer

Cream concealers provide great coverage, but are too heavy for the delicate skin of the under eye area. They grab the skin and add too much texture, and can make under eye bags or puffiness look even heavier.


The thickness of the cream concealer might initially cover the eye area but it does not wear well. Eventually, cream concealer will crease into the folds of the under eye skin and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.


So enough of my rant about cream concealers for the under eye area. What is the solution? Finding a great liquid concealer that is lightweight enough for the under eye area but will provide enough coverage to make it worth the application.


Right now I am loving the Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer by Bare Minerals. I really think this is the best under eye concealer. This  liquid concealer has a very lightweight application. I love the silky texture of the serum style concealer, because it applies smoothly and evenly.


Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer


Many liquid concealiconers are water based and look smooth when first applied. But once they dry and the water content evaporates from the product, they make the skin look dry and taut-  an enemy of wrinkles. So what makes this one different?


The serum style concealer is super lightweight in texture, so it won’t grab the eye area.  It also has emollients  and humectants to hydrate the skin and retain its moisture. Once it dries, it gives a smooth, even finish without looking dry and crepey.


This product also contains mineral optics, which are light diffusing properties.  Why is this a big thing? Well, the mineral optics can actually reflect light away from the skin. It basically blurs the appearance of the skin which is super important for the under eye area.


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The best thing about this liquid concealer, is the buildable coverage. This can be hard to find in a liquid formula but this does the trick. I have had good success building up the coverage of this concealer to cover both blemishes and age spots. The wand tip makes it user friendly as well.


A quick makeup tip for application:  Apply the liquid concealer in  a few dots under the eye area but then give it a minute or two to settle. This allow the liquid concealer to partially dry and gives you more coverage.


If you blend the liquid concealer in as soon as you apply it to your skin, then most of it ends up on your brush and you end up wasting a lot of it.


Once the concealer has partially settled, then use an under eye concealer brush to buff the product into the skin. And always set the concealer with a little lightweight textured powder so that it doesn’t settle into fine lines!


While this is a great everyday concealer for most people, if you have true dark circles and shadows around the eye area you will need an extra boost of coverage. No matter what, an everyday concealer will not cover those. What you need to do is use a color-correcting concealer first to neutralize the dark circle.


I keep MAC Studio Finish Skin Corrector in my kit in both the Light Peach and Pure Orange shades. You will need to layer the color-correcting concealer only on the area of your dark circles, then add the liquid concealer on top and blend it.


I hope you found this makeup tip  for the best under eye concealer helpful! If so, I would love it if you would share it with your friends below!


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The Best Concealer for Under the Eyes | Makeup Artist Tips. Learn these makeup tips for how to apply concealer under the eyes and find out which is the best concealer for the under eye area.The Best Under Eye Concealer | Find out what is the best under eye concealer and learn makeup tips to apply concealer under your eye.

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