Quick and Easy Smokey Eye Tutorial

Smokey eye makeup can be easy! Don’t be intimidated to try a smokey eye. Today I want to show you how to do a quick smokey eye in just three easy steps.


My Pro Makeup Artist technique uses only three makeup products, so you can quickly create your smoky eye and be out the door!


Here are my makeup artist tips on how to do a quick smokey eye.


And, to make it super easy for you to try this at home, download this Quick Smoky Eye Cheat Sheet I created for you!


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What is Smokey Eye Makeup?


With a “traditional eye shadow look”, you typically add a lighter eyeshadow color to the lid of the eye and use a darker eyeshadow in the crease of the eye.


This will brighten the eye and draw attention to the natural shape of the eye.


This is what most women wear every day, as it enhances the basic shape of the eye without being too dramatic.


For a smokey eye, we want to do the opposite.


True “smokey eyes” start with the darkest color at the lashline, and then fade upward and into the crease.


And as the color fades, it blends into a lighter color.


It’s definitely a dramatic eyeshadow look, and makes it look like you have “slept” in your makeup.


How to do a Smokey Eye, Step by Step


I used a cream eye shadow as both the base and primary color of this smoky eye look.


*If you want to know more about the many great reasons to use potted cream eye shadows read How to Make Eye Shadow Last all Day for more makeup tips.


So, watch the smoky eye video above and to recap, here are the three step smoky eye technique:


  1. Blend a cream shadow from the lash line up to the crease of the eye, and underneath the eye as well
  2. Smudge a kohl pencil upward from the lash line on to the eyelid, and underneath the eye.
  3. Add powder shadow on top of everything to finish and “set” the look



Download your Free Quick Smoky Eye Cheat Sheet



Curious about the products I used? The cream eye shadow I featured today in this quick smoky eye was Tough as Taupe by Maybelline.


The kohl eye liner that I used was Smolder by MAC .


And the eye shadow was Strada by Nars.

Smoky eye makeup can be easy! Watch this makeup artist tutorial to learn how to do a quick smoky eye in three easy steps.


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