Makeup Bag Must Haves, Part One

For touching up your makeup on the go, I recommend six essential makeup bag must haves for every woman.


These products will make it easy to freshen up your makeup during the day, and will all fit inside a small makeup bag. So, no more carrying around half of your makeup stash in your purse!


Let’s get started. In Part One of Makeup Bag Must Haves, I will show you the first three products, which are great for touching up your skin mid day.


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Find out what key products are recommended by a makeup artist to keep in your makeup bag.

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But first back to Makeup Bag Must Haves. Let me go into more detail about why I like each of these products.


The first product is one of my all time favorite makeup tools:  blotting papers. When you get a shiny t-zone during the day, the temptation is to grab some powder to matte it down. Unfortunately, this is not good for your skin or your makeup.


The reason is because it doesn’t really remove the oil, it just traps the oil under more powder. This not only can cause breakouts, but it also makes your makeup look heavy and cakey. Instead, use some oil blotting tissues like Nyx Blotting Papers to take away the shine.

Once you have removed the oil from your skin, you can touch up your foundation with my next Makeup Bag Must Have.  I always throw in a portable foundation/concealer in my makeup bag. A stick or pot foundation will lighten your load, and is much easier to touch up with.


I like Stila All Day Concealer.  I really like this one because of its highly concentrated pigment. Just use your fingertips to add a little more coverage to areas where your makeup has worn off.

After you have touched up your makeup, mist your skin with a little setting spray like Urban Decay All Nighter.  This helps to re-emulsify your makeup and keep it looking fresh and long wearing for the rest of the day.

Now I have shown you the first three makeup bag essentials to touch up your skin.  Next week, I will cover three more products to add a little glam to your makeup on the go, in Makeup Bag Must Haves, Part Two.


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