Bad Makeup Habits to Break + Good Ones to Start

The truth is that good makeup always begins with good skincare. Are you guilty of these bad skincare and makeup habits? Here are the top 5 bad beauty habits to break, stat! And while you’re breaking those bad habits, here are the top 5 good beauty habits you need to start to help your makeup look flawless.


Break These 5 Beauty Bad Habits, Now!


Bad Skincare Habits to Break Makeup Tips


1) Your Makeup Wipe Addiction


Don’t get me wrong… makeup wipes have their place. I use them in my Pro Makeup Kit for quick makeup removal. If you are so exhausted at the end of the day that this is the only way you can take your makeup off, then so be it.


But don’t use them everyday, all the time.


First of all, wipes do not thoroughly clean your skin from all makeup residue, leaving a little bit behind to clog your pores.


And it’s also super tough to remove eye makeup with a wipe, without damaging your lashes.


And wipes are definitely not good for the environment. Use them sparingly.




2) Dirty Makeup Sponges


Sponges are fertile ground for breeding bacteria, an enemy of healthy skin. The bacteria can grow in your sponge and then spread into your makeup, contaminating your makeup and creating an endless cycle of further breakouts.


And, its gross.


A good rule here… when your makeup sponge is the same color as your makeup, toss it and get a new one.



Bad Makeup Habits to Break Makeup Tips



3) Curling Eyelashes After Mascara


Every time I hear about someone recommending curling eyelashes after mascara, I cringe.


Coating your eyelashes first with mascara, and then curling them, will damage your lashes and cause them to break or fall out.


Curling eyelashes must be done when your eyelashes are in their natural state.



4) Using Skincare Products with Alcohol in Them


I’m not talking about fatty alcohols, like cetyl or stearyl, which are used in cosmetics because they play nicely with others. These alcohols help bind other ingredients together and help cosmetics spread smoothly.


I’m talking about the bad alcohols like sd alcohol and isopropryl alcohol. Often used in toners for oily skin, these alcohols can strip your skin of its natural protective oils and disrupt the skin’s ph balance.


Ironically, this can cause your skin to produce oil on hyperspeed in its attempt to compensate. Read up here and check your labels.


5) Falling for the Hype


The skincare and makeup industry is a HUGE multi-billion dollar business these days. What makes this great is that there are a wider variety of products to choose from, and formulas are constantly being improved.


On the flip side, many companies are trying to one up the other by discovering new “miracle” ingredients which are promised to heal all of your skincare concerns.


Truth is, there are only a handful of skincare ingredients that have been proven scientifically to have efficacy. Stick with these and you will find they can best address your skincare concerns and forget the newest, “holy grail”.


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Top 5 Tips for Good Skincare and Makeup Habits


Good Skincare Habits to Start Makeup Tips


1) Wash Your Face Every Night


Even if you just can’t be bothered… do it.


Sleeping in your makeup will wreak havoc on your skin, causing clogged pores, breakouts, and general greasiness.


Plus, when you don’t remove your makeup (and add skincare products before bed) you miss the opportunity to help your skin repair itself while it’s in “recovery mode”.


2) Use SPF Every Day


Take charge of your anti-aging routine with the most important thing you can do to for your skin… use a daily SPF.


Pick the delivery system of your choice… moisturizer, primer, straight up SPF, no matter. But do it.


Protecting your skin from the sun with SPF is one of the most important things you can do. It helps to prevent skin cancer and it slows down the appearance of wrinkles.


3) Get Your Moles Checked by a Derm


Please, please, please don’t just google the description of your recently developed mole or freckle and then dismiss it as nothing to be concerned with.


Visit your dermatologist yearly for a once over. Only she can tell you for sure what those clusters of skin cells are really made of. Early detection of skin cancer is one of the greatest weapons to fighting it.


Good Makeup Habits to Start Makeup Tips



4) Brush Cleanser, It’s not just for Makeup Artists


This is a simple tip that you can implement right away. Because an occasional brush cleaning with shampoo won’t cut it.


You can clean and more importantly, disinfect your brushes in just a few seconds with a good brush cleaner. Your skin will thank you.


*Read: How to Clean Makeup Brushes


5) Learn How to Read Labels


Unfortunately, there is so much hype in the skincare industry. It’s hard to know what products will work for your skincare concerns, and which are just bottles of unicorn fluff and empty promises.


Here’s a quick tip:  If a skincare product promises to help your skin with  ______  ingredient, and that ingredient is not listed as one of the top 5 ingredients in the product, then the percentage of that ingredient in the product is going to be quite low.


That means that most likely, it’s not going to help your skin too much and just waste your money instead.  Here is another guide to help figure things out


Well, there you have it! The Top 5 Bad Beauty Habits to Break, and the Top 5 Good Beauty Habits to Start. I hope you found this helpful!


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Bad Skincare Habits to Quit Now. Stop these bad beauty and skincare habits now to prevent acne and premature aging. Plus, learn these tips on which good beauty habits to start, and put into your skincare routine every day. #skincare #skincaretips #makeup
Bad Makeup Habits to Quit Now. Click to read what bad beauty and makeup habits you need to stop right now to protect your health, and learn which good skincare habits you should start in the new year. #makeuptips #skincaretips #skincareroutine


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