How to Clean Makeup Brushes

If you invest in quality makeup brushes, they should last you for many years. BUT, you have to take good care of them. Here are some pointers on how to properly clean and care for your makeup brushes.


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Great makeup artist tips on how to clean makeup brushes the right way.

The steps to clean your makeup brushes are very simple:


1)  Use brush cleanser daily.

Using brush cleanser to clean your makeup brushes is really, really important.  It will quickly clean the brush so that you can use it again in a few minutes, or just have it be ready to go for you the next day.


But maybe more important than that, using brush cleanser to clean your makeup brushes will also disinfect them. Yep, your brushes are loaded full of the bacteria picked up from your skin and your makeup. By doing a daily quick clean, you can kill the lurking bacteria and prevent future breakouts.


My favorite new brush cleanser is by Ulta. It comes in a spray bottle so you can just spray a tissue, and then sweep your brushes across the tissue for a quick clean. I like this brush cleanser because it dries so quickly after use. You can clean the brush and then turn around and use it again a couple of minutes later.

2) Wash your brushes with shampoo every couple of weeks.

While a daily cleaning with brush cleanser is important, you also need to give your makeup brushes a good shampoo every once in a while. This will further remove any makeup that might be hiding way down deep within the brush that a surface cleanser can’t reach.


Since many makeup brushes are made from real hair, you want to use shampoo, rather than soap to clean your brushes.  I like to use baby shampoo because it is so gentle. Lather them up in your hand, rinse, and then lay them clean to dry on the surface of your countertop.


I hope these tips helped! Do you have any makeup questions I can help you with? Please visit my GetGlam page or tweet me @GuideGetGlam.



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